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How The Right Sign Can Boost Your Business Brand

tips from a sign company near me

Your business signs are among your most important tools to achieve brand success. The two most important features to be achieved with your business signage are visibility and communicating the right message. Neither of the two is enough in its own: no matter how visible your signs are, if they fail to convey the right message, they will not be efficient and no matter how well-designed and attractive your signs are, but if the signs are not sufficiently visible, they will be unnoticed by your target audience. Here are some tips from a sign company near me for achieving both goals.

Choose the Right Types of Signage

The material and the size that you choose are essential for signs that are durable and able to maintain the quality of your signs without fading. Signs can be made from lots of different materials, including metal, wood, foil, plastic, neon, fluorescent lights and LEDs. The choice of the materials depends on the space in which they will be used: you need weather-resistant materials for outdoor signs, while indoor signs can be made from more sensitive materials, too.

There are plenty of sign types to choose from for indoor as well as for outdoor advertising. Synthetic materials, such as acrylic and the sheets used for making banners are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage as well and so are LED displays, wood and metal signs.

Branding Considerations

Your business signs are your most important tools in attracting attention to your brand and in communicating your message to your customers. The principle components of your signs are graphic elements and text, the design of both elements being essential for success. If you already have a business logo, use it on all your signs, but make sure that it is of the right size and quality – not too large and not too small, being readable from the typical distance at which your customers stand from your sign. Your business signs should also include text to inform your audience about your contact details and about your promotions. Include your slogan and a firm call to action as well.

Consider Switching to LED Displays

LED message boards are currently the most advanced and most versatile signage solutions, suitable for indoor and outdoor branding alike. The solution will give you lots of freedom when it comes to the amount of information that you want to convey and it is also considered to be among the most attractive ones – LED boards can be configured to display any amount of images and slides, one following the other at predefined intervals. You can also use your LED boards to advertise your seasonal promotions – all you need to replace a set of images is a computer.

LED displays might require a more substantial initial investment, but they are very durable solutions – LEDs can last for up to 50,000 hours without dimming or fading, which means that you will be able to use your boards for displaying crystal clear, sharp images for years.

New Business Sign Ideas For 2020

Having a business sign that stands out with its stylish and attractive uniqueness and that is able to convey your message and to represent your company’s values is no small task. Business sign design being governed by trends, your signage needs to make use of the latest trends and the technologies and the range of the materials used for the execution of the signs is also becoming richer all the time, so here are some ideas to help you create signage that makes use of the hottest trends for 2020.

Minimalist Designs

Clean lines and shapes, lettering that features no ornaments, designs that communicate your message in a clear and elegant way – this is what minimalist styles can offer you. Minimalist signs use not more than two colors and the font used for the text component is composed of simple, straight, often rugged lines.

signs Denver CO

Bold Solutions

While minimalist sign designs found in Denver CO are all about subtle solutions, using bold colors and striking design components is also very trendy in 2020. The trend of using vibrant colors is especially popular among companies that target younger audiences.

Complex Typographic Solutions

Bold colors can work exceptionally well with typographic solutions that combine at least two fonts or even handwriting. If this type of design appeals to you, make sure that your choice of lettering does not hinder readability – while the experts say that using two fonts will keep the attention of the attention of your potential customers engaged for longer, fonts that are too complicated will drive away customers.

Vintage or Classic Solutions

Traditional signs Denver CO solutions, such as a bracket hung over your shop door, are making a comeback and so are many other solutions that feature vintage designs. Using colorful neon lights inspired from the shapes that were popular in the 80’s, pixelated typefaces, geometric shapes and patterns are all very popular these days – if the design style appeals to you, try to integrate that with the overall image of your company to create a consistent appearance.

Electronic Signs

This solution is very modern, very trendy and very attractive, though a bit costly. Electronic message centers are usually located in busy spots around your town and city, in areas where people spend time waiting, such as in bus stops and they allow for displaying high-resolution, high-quality signs and ads to entertain, inform and intrigue the people looking at the ads. Some of these centers are suitable for playing sound as well, further increasing the range possibilities that you can use.

Using Floor Space Wisely

Floor signs are still among the most efficient forms of company signage, suitable for passing on information, for providing direction and for raising awareness towards your brands. If you choose floor signs to use either on your shop floor or on the floor of department stores or other facilities, pay special attention to the quality and the durability used for the signage – floor signs are walked on and exposed to the chemicals used for scrubbing and washing the floor, so you need special materials that can withstand such wear and tear.

What Are the Most Interesting and Unique Ways People Use Storage Units?

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Storage units can be used in many different ways. From storing your favorite memorabilia to stashing away items you’ve gathered throughout the years but that turned out to clutter your home too much, storage containers can basically house anything you want them to.

But there are always those who take it one step further. As you will see in the following, some people use storage units in very unique and ingenious ways.

Storing Valuables

One of the most common reason to rent a storage compartment is to store valuables. However, for some people that represents a lot more than just your average inexpensive jewelry, watches or electronic equipment.

There are those who store hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of memorabilia, jewelry and highly advanced or extremely rare electronic gadgets and contraptions that the world all but forgot about.

Using Storage Units to Make Money

Did you know that public storage near me can be used for actual business? Rather than to use them for receiving and shipping goods, some business owners and entrepreneurs chose a more unique route. They use their storage units to set up a small office, manage their business and marketing online, and even set up a studio for making videos and taking photographs as part of their business practices or artistic pursuits.

If you really want to make money from a storage unit, you can also set up your own crafting station, where you work on your crafts in peace and quiet and then store them for safe keeping until such time as you can sell them online.

An Escape from the World

Not all people like to interact with the world, and with everything going on these days, it’s hard to blame them. Some purchase storage units to store all their favorite things and set up camp next to them. They might turn their storage unit into a makeshift lounge or game room, and they end up spending a lot of time there when they want to escape from the world around them.

Although this is not the most common way to use storage units, it can really pay off when you’re plagued by stress and anxiety and all you want is a comfortable place to call your own.

Building Your Own Low Budget Home

Finally, one of the most unique way that people use storage containers is to built their own low budget homes and live inside them. Of course, in order to do this, you will actually have to buy the storage unit, as most providers will not be open to letting you modify them by adding a regular front door and windows. Nevertheless, it is possible to change a storage unit to build your own home, and the overall costs are far less demanding than the cost of actually buying a new house.

Many of those who have taken this route simply purchased an empty lot and used their newly bought storage containers to fashion a unique home. Sturdy, climate controlled and built to last, they often turned out to be the optimal alternatives to purchasing an actual house.

Evaluating the Benefits of Cannabis Based Products: Does CBD Reduce Pain Effectively?

Most people have heard of CBD related to cannabis, but they don’t really know what it is and whether it is any different from similar compounds based on the notorious plant. Unlike THC, cannabidiol – which is what CBD stands for – will have somewhat different effects on the body.

One could say that CBD is the part of cannabis that acts more as medicine than anything else, and CBD oil is already well-known throughout the world for its remarkable health benefits and especially for its ability to relieve pain.

A Look at CBD and Its Most Important Effects

So, what does CBD do anyway, and why would you want to use it? Having a clear picture of what CBD can do will help you decide whether or not it can actually help you.

Also called hemp or marijuana, cannabis contains two main compounds that provide it with its unique traits: THC and CBD. While THC is the compound that is mainly responsible for the altered states of consciousness induced by cannabis, CBD is somewhat milder. It doesn’t produce a “high,” nor does it affect your state of mind. What it does do is act as an exceptionally effective and completely natural pain reliever.

So, now that we know what CBD is and what it’s good for, can it really deal with the type of pain that we might be experiencing? Let’s take a closer look in the following.

cbd cream for pain

CBD for Pain Relief

Many studies, one of which published recently in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, can support the claims that CBD is good for pain relief.

Since the body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that responds directly to the presence of CBD, the endocannabinoids that are produced naturally within the body are basically supplemented by the ones from your CBD products. However, unlike THC, which affects the brain’s cannabinoid receptors and produces a state of “high,” CBD only affects them indirectly by affecting other compounds that the ECS regulates.

As a result, functions like sleep, immunity and pain can be regulated by the amount of CBD you put into your body. So, because of this fact and because CBD is essentially natural as far as the body is concerned, not only does it have excellent pain relief abilities, but researchers also found that many people don’t develop a tolerance to its effects, so they would not have to increase the dosage to get the same results.

Getting Rid of Arthritic Pain

Looking at arthritic pain, medical specialists have found that CBD cream for pain can offer substantial relief to people suffering from arthritis. The European Journal of Pain recently published a study that shows how rats with arthritis experienced relief from pain after only 4 days of being treated with CBD. Signs of inflammation and pain have disappeared without any visible side effects. Unfortunately, even though people claim that they managed to limit their arthritic pain with CBD, more studies are required before a scientific conclusion can be reached.

Keep in mind that the use of CBD, even for medical purposes, is still not legal in many places. Before you consider buying or using it to help you with your condition, read up on your area’s laws and legal guidelines, and make sure that the source you find is reputed to have only the finest quality CBD-based products on the market.

Common Mistakes Your Drivers Make

driving school in Colorado Springs

No matter how much experience a person gains over the years, as humans, we are bound to make mistakes, one way or another. The same thing applies to drivers as well. Many student drivers are being taught by their parents before attending real driving class. While this is a good thing, they may also pick up some unwanted habits that their parents have learned throughout the years while driving. Also, drivers who have not gained enough experience on the road may be unaware of whether or not they are making a mistake. There are many common mistakes that driver’s make throughout their lifetime, and here we will highlight a few of them that could be easily avoided.

1. Forgetting the Small Adjustments

When talking about driving, every small detail matters. Many functions of a car can be adjusted and personalized to specific needs. Many people, especially students start the engine before even making sure that they can fit comfortably in the driver’s seat. This is most common in driving classes where an instructor has 2 or more students at the same time. Each of them with different height and body size. Properly adjust the driver’s seat is important to make sure that one’s legs can easily reach the pedals without obstruction. Besides the seat, some of the mirrors need adjusting to make sure one has the proper visibility all around the car.

2. Improper Usage of Car Lights
Information is key while driving. Cars are equipped with specific light functions that many new and inexperienced drivers tend to forget about, such as turn signals. Turn signals re essential in informing drivers and walkers around you, what your intentions are. Improper usage of this function or not using it at all will force drivers that are behind to react unpredictably. The same thing applies the front lights of a car. The rule that many drivers seem to forget is that at night, low light beams should be used whenever you see a sign of another car coming from the opposite direction. Once it has passed, drivers can return to the high beams if they find themselves on roads with no light sources.

3. Giving Distractions Too Much Attention
Distractions while driving where not that common some few years ago. However, since smartphones, texting and surfing the internet has become very common, especially for millennials. While driving, it is necessary to maintain constant vigilance, even on an empty road. Besides that, there are a lot of elements that can distract a person while driving. A beautiful view, changing the radio but also cognitive distractions, such as arguing with a fellow passenger. Also, not making the small adjustments to the car mentioned above will lead to a distracted mind.

4. Not Maintaining the Proper Speed Limit
This factor can go both ways. Many drivers exceed the speed limit required in a particular area or fail to adjust it when needed. For a new driver, this is to be expected. Unfortunately, many experienced drivers feel confident enough to handle high speeds no matter what the circumstances or the weather conditions. On the opposite side, some are anxious with the acceleration pedal. There are roads such as a highway, that has a minimum speed available posted. While reaching a speed below the posted one may not cause any harm to other cars or people, it may impede the proper flow of traffic and can become a nuisance for others.

New drivers will most likely encounter some of these common issues while on the road. However, with proper training from the best driving school in Colorado Springs, these issues will most likely be avoided. Experienced drivers are also prone to these mistakes and can also improve their current driving skills and correct some of the habits learned.

Aspects Of A Hot Tub To Consider During The Buying Process

Our lifestyle reflects our body shape and health, and we are increasingly feeling the need to relax by escaping a weekend, taking a break, an outdoor walk, or subscribing to a gym. But what if we had an instant relaxation method at home?

The idea of ​​having your own hot tub to relax in your own garden is a dream. What could be better than a quiet oasis right in your yard where you can hide from the world and feel pampered after a busy and stressful day?

What you need to keep in mind before deciding to buy a hot tub for your garden?

To make sure that your relaxation dream is perfect to the end, there are some aspects to be considered during the buying process:

  • integration with the garden and the other exterior elements of your property
  • The position of the hot tub must be chosen so that it ensures privacy by keeping away curious eyes, but also a nice view when you use it
  • It must also be positioned in such a way as to benefit for the longest possible sun exposure
  • Access from the house to the hot tub must be as easy as possible
  • The hot tub can be covered or integrated in a gazebo for increased shelter and privacy
  • The connection to water, sewage and electric installations must be ensured

In ground or above ground

According to hot tub store Denver retailers, hot tubs mounted above the ground are cheaper and easier to install and move around, but energy consumption is higher than in the case of their in ground counterparts. The in ground hot tubs cannot be moved, but they do not depreciate so easily and heat loss is also lower; however, the price is higher and excavation is required.

hot tub store Denver retailers offer great advice when it comes to hot tub purchasing options


Hot tubs are produced in various shapes and sizes to meet customer expectations and requirements. In addition, you have a wide range of accessories allowing you to spend your free time as comfortable as possible.

Hydro massage

A hydro massage system will offer you many benefits. The massage performed by water jets is delicate, but with a strong effect of relaxation of the entire body. Hydro massage also has health benefits:

  • treats muscle, joint and bone pain
  • improves circulation
  • stimulates metabolism, helping to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight
  • stimulates good quality sleep
  • helps eliminate the toxins in the skin and better oxygenates the tissues.
  • removes the sensation of heavy legs as well as tension in the neck and back

If you think you have a place in your yard for one of these relaxation gems, the next step is to look for some models that you like and consider further aspects:

  • capacity: the number of people who can enter simultaneously in the hot tub
  • number of hydro massage nozzles
  • hydro massage programs
  • ambient lighting at night
  • filtration systems
  • audio system
  • water heating system
  • form and construction materials

Once you have chosen the model, it is important to identify, with the help of a specialist, the best place in your garden to install your hot tub and start enjoying it.

Should You Consider Retrofitting a Conference Table with a Metal Top?

Buying new furniture is always a pretty big hassle. From researching the best types of materials to use, to finding great bargains that are aligned with your budget, there are many possible issues that could come up.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with all that when you want to replace your table – in fact, you won’t always have to replace it entirely either. In some cases, you’ll find that retrofitting a table with a metal top will actually work a lot better than finding a replacement table. Whether you’re trying to modify a common kitchen table, or a fancy coffee table for the living room, or a business conference table, this approach is quite modern, and you might find your household will welcome it entirely.

conference table

What Are the Advantages and Drawbacks?

Retrofitting a table isn’t an easy task, and you have to work it out for yourself that you really want it to begin with. For that purpose, it’s important to take an impartial look at all the possible advantages and drawbacks associated with getting such an item and making it your own. Let’s first look at the benefits:

  • A metal top is certainly unique, and it can look like quite a modern option, depending on the type of table you own. Glass and wood both work extremely well with a metal top, and so do some types of plastic, depending on the design.
  • In the long run, a metal top for your table will save you a lot of money. Even if you install a more modern and extravagant version, you’ll find that the durability of the metal top will help you get your money back in no time.
  • You won’t have to deal with as many repairs either. A modern metal top for your modern table will be a lot stronger than what other materials have to offer, so you don’t have to worry so much about it getting scratched or damaged in any other way.

There aren’t many disadvantages to speak of when it comes to metal table tops. Some might consider metal to be less of a fashion statement, while others will prefer table tops that are unique in appearance and texture, offering certain features that metal tops simply aren’t capable of.

Doing It Yourself vs. Hiring a Contractor

It’s always better if you can do a job like this yourself, but if you don’t have the tools, knowledge or dexterity to handle it, then you should probably call in the professionals. Local contractors don’t typically charge a lot for a job as simple as this, but you will have to wait around for them, and some of them might be less experienced than others. On the other hand, you can also consider calling in a friend or family member who is more tech-savvy to do it or at least to provide you with some advice.

With the right people to install it and with a little patience, you might have on your hands one of the most impressive and priceless items you’ve ever owned. And even though not everyone will enjoy the idea of adding a metal top to a table made from metal, glass or plastic, the strength and practical features of the metal might just make it worthwhile.

How to Make Your Home Stand Out: Ideas for Exterior Lighting Designs

Tips For Your Home Lighting

Making your house stand out can be achieved in a number of practical ways. You can change your siding and roofing, or you can repaint your home entirely. You can also add external elements that highlight certain areas of your home, such as an outdoor kitchen, an upgraded patio or even a rock garden. However, not many exterior decoration elements can make your home look more impressive than it would with the right exterior lighting fixtures installed.


Exterior lighting can make your home look truly impressive, if designed and placed the right way. They can highlight specific areas of your home’s exterior while leaving others in the shade. They can also emphasize certain colors at night while keeping them at bay during the day. All these benefits can be achieved regardless of whether its nighttime or day time, since certain lights can remain on during the day, and they can even be made to adapt their intensity to the light of the sun.


Of course, not everyone can afford these types of advanced lighting fixtures. In some cases, you might want to go with something a little more old fashioned, though no less classy. Retro designs for fixtures are in vogue today both for interior and exterior lighting, so it stands to reason that you might want to consider them for your garden or patio. Imagine the old house your parents used to own when you were growing up, or maybe the one that your grandparents renovated that one time when you had so much fun playing in your back yard. Retro lighting fixtures will certainly bring back a lot of great memories if you get the best ones and install them correctly.


Placement is also a very important factor to take into account. Regardless of the types of lighting fixtures you install, placing them properly is the key to making your home look good regardless of where the sun is, and of whether it’s winter or summer. Of course, the correct placement of your lights will have to take all these various factors into account, and you might need to change it on occasion, depending on whether there’s snow, or on whether you might want to change the layout of your garden at some point.  Hiring one of the Denver electricians is a way to get the best end results.


Finally, it’s worth considering the use of larger fixtures versus smaller ones. Depending on your garden, smaller light fixtures can keep a lower profile and make your home look a little more imposing. However, larger ones are considered to be trendier these days, and you’ll find that many homeowners prefer them because they give off more light that your home and garden can reflect during the night. As a result, the house will look much brighter and more impressive overall.


Whether you’re looking to make your home look better or just to keep up with the times, there are a lot more trends and design ideas you can follow. From unique, art deco lighting fixtures to modern looking, energy efficient lighting, the sky is the limit on what you can achieve with a little creativity and the help of a dependable designer.

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Design

Kitchens are complex spaces that have multiple focal points, the cabinetry being one of the components that attract the gaze and define the overall atmosphere as well as functionality. The cabinets used in the kitchen play the double role of creating a visually pleasing space and providing storage for the plates, pots, cutlery and appliances. Fortunately, the latest trends in kitchen cabinet design have solutions to address both aspects – here are some of the hottest cabinet features right now.

Opening Up the Space

The trendiest kitchens today replace wall-mounted cabinets with open shelves and use doored cabinets only installed on the floor, along the walls or underneath the countertop. The result is an interesting appearance that is more comfortable to use and less stodgy and the solution also offers more design options.

Denver cabinets

Customized Colors

The colors featured on the cabinets can serve not only functionality (certain colors conceal spots better than others), but personality as well. Denver cabinets makers have recognized the demand for wider, more sophisticated color palettes and offer much more varied choice now, including toned-down hues and more striking, bolder options.

The most popular colors for this year are still white, beige, gray, light, powder colors, such as powder pink, pale yellow or light blue, but dark colors, including anthracite, navy blue, red and orange are also very trendy.

Mixed Designs

The combination of traditional components with industrial components are also very hot thee days. Shaker-style cabinets and granite countertops mixed with industrial-looking pendant lights or minimalist cabinets paired with an elaborate chandelier is also a great way to make a powerful and attractive style statement.

Modern design trends pay increased attention to accessories, such as the knobs and handles used on the cabinets. Mixing and matching styles is very much en vogue – a vintage knob on a sleek, simple and elegant cabinet adds some spice and playfulness to the overall appearance, while traditional-looking doors with minimalist, shiny stainless steel handles is also a great, contemporary solution.

Playing with Textures

Most cabinet makers today offer cabinets with matt as well as with glossy finishes. While matt coating is more suitable for classic kitchens, glossy finishes work great on cabinets in bright colors, such as red or orange.

Smart Cabinet Hardware

The size of kitchens is shrinking along with overall housing sizes and the owners of small kitchens need solutions that help them use every inch of their space. Smart, modern hardware solutions can transform even the thin space between the counter and the fridge or between cabinets into useful, extra storage space, just great for organizes spice bottles, cleaning substances and other small items.

Lighting Underneath and Inside the Cabinets

The central, ceiling-mounted fixtures and the pendant lights are supplemented with LED strings installed either underneath wall-mounted cabinets or inside cabinets that have glass doors. The solution is great not only for increasing the usability of the kitchen, but also for adding an extra layer of ambient light that can be used on its own or together with the other fixtures.

Tips for Buyers Who Consider Purchasing an Antique Engagement Ring to Be the Best Way to Express Their Love

wedding proposal

If you are looking for a way to make the evening when you propose to your lady truly unique, you may want to consider purchasing an antique engagement ring from trustworthy jewelry stores Denver experts– while the romantic setting that you surely choose with utmost care will set the general atmosphere for the proposal, the ring itself will express the depth of your feelings and will dazzle and charm your significant other.

However, purchasing the right ring is not easy – you will need to pick the right band from a very large array of rings, you will have to make decisions about the style that matches the tastes of your lady and you will need to make financial decisions as well because antique rings are never cheap. To make it all easier for you, here is a short guide to eras and styles as well as to financing options.


What is, in fact, an Antique Engagement Ring?

Not every ring that looks old is antique as well. When applied to rings, the term usually refers to rings that are at least 100 years old or older than that, but some shops use the word for rings 50-100 years old as well. Rings that are 20-100 years old are usually called vintage, while items that are second-hand are called estate and rings belonging to both categories should come for a lower price that genuine antique pieces.

Picking the Right Style

Antique rings reflect the style that dominated the period when they were made – here are some features:

  • Victorian rings – these truly antique pieces were made between 1835-1900. The preferred material of the period’s jewelers was white and yellow gold, while the most popular designs combine rows of small, mine-cut diamonds (a cut specific to the era) with genuine pearls;
  • Rings from the Edwardian era – the period was full of conflicts and the turmoil was reflected in jewelry styles as well. One of the dominant trends for jewelry making in the period was Art Nouveau, the incorporation of technology into the process, while the other trend, the design and manufacturing style that is called Edwardian uses ornamental motifs, shapes inspired by the Court of Versailles, such as ribbons, garlands, bow knots. Platinum was discovered during the period, so the era’s rings no longer use only gold, but the new metal as well;
  • Art Deco – the last of the periods that give us antique rings, Art Deco is an era of contrast. The rings made during the first decades of the 20th century use symmetrical, parallel lines, geometrical shapes and bright-colored stones, such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds in combination with diamonds or on their own.


Antique engagement rings prices start around a thousand dollars, with the sky as the upper limit, so purchasing an era piece can be considered a token of your love and an investment at the same time and, as it is the case with any investment, knowing your financial possibilities and sticking to your budget is very important. Try to match your financial opportunities, the style and age of the ring and your lady’s style and don’t forget that the reason why you want to surprise her with a beautiful ring is to offer a charming proof of your love.


When you have found that perfect ring, hopefully you trust the jeweler that helped you. This will be very convenient when you need maintenance and jewelry repair Denver.