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The Latest Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Design

Kitchens are complex spaces that have multiple focal points, the cabinetry being one of the components that attract the gaze and define the overall atmosphere as well as functionality. The cabinets used in the kitchen play the double role of creating a visually pleasing space and providing storage for the plates, pots, cutlery and appliances. Fortunately, the latest trends in kitchen cabinet design have solutions to address both aspects – here are some of the hottest cabinet features right now.

Opening Up the Space

The trendiest kitchens today replace wall-mounted cabinets with open shelves and use doored cabinets only installed on the floor, along the walls or underneath the countertop. The result is an interesting appearance that is more comfortable to use and less stodgy and the solution also offers more design options.

Denver cabinets

Customized Colors

The colors featured on the cabinets can serve not only functionality (certain colors conceal spots better than others), but personality as well. Denver cabinets makers have recognized the demand for wider, more sophisticated color palettes and offer much more varied choice now, including toned-down hues and more striking, bolder options.

The most popular colors for this year are still white, beige, gray, light, powder colors, such as powder pink, pale yellow or light blue, but dark colors, including anthracite, navy blue, red and orange are also very trendy.

Mixed Designs

The combination of traditional components with industrial components are also very hot thee days. Shaker-style cabinets and granite countertops mixed with industrial-looking pendant lights or minimalist cabinets paired with an elaborate chandelier is also a great way to make a powerful and attractive style statement.

Modern design trends pay increased attention to accessories, such as the knobs and handles used on the cabinets. Mixing and matching styles is very much en vogue – a vintage knob on a sleek, simple and elegant cabinet adds some spice and playfulness to the overall appearance, while traditional-looking doors with minimalist, shiny stainless steel handles is also a great, contemporary solution.

Playing with Textures

Most cabinet makers today offer cabinets with matt as well as with glossy finishes. While matt coating is more suitable for classic kitchens, glossy finishes work great on cabinets in bright colors, such as red or orange.

Smart Cabinet Hardware

The size of kitchens is shrinking along with overall housing sizes and the owners of small kitchens need solutions that help them use every inch of their space. Smart, modern hardware solutions can transform even the thin space between the counter and the fridge or between cabinets into useful, extra storage space, just great for organizes spice bottles, cleaning substances and other small items.

Lighting Underneath and Inside the Cabinets

The central, ceiling-mounted fixtures and the pendant lights are supplemented with LED strings installed either underneath wall-mounted cabinets or inside cabinets that have glass doors. The solution is great not only for increasing the usability of the kitchen, but also for adding an extra layer of ambient light that can be used on its own or together with the other fixtures.

Tips for Buyers Who Consider Purchasing an Antique Engagement Ring to Be the Best Way to Express Their Love

wedding proposal

If you are looking for a way to make the evening when you propose to your lady truly unique, you may want to consider purchasing an antique engagement ring from trustworthy jewelry stores Denver experts– while the romantic setting that you surely choose with utmost care will set the general atmosphere for the proposal, the ring itself will express the depth of your feelings and will dazzle and charm your significant other.

However, purchasing the right ring is not easy – you will need to pick the right band from a very large array of rings, you will have to make decisions about the style that matches the tastes of your lady and you will need to make financial decisions as well because antique rings are never cheap. To make it all easier for you, here is a short guide to eras and styles as well as to financing options.


What is, in fact, an Antique Engagement Ring?

Not every ring that looks old is antique as well. When applied to rings, the term usually refers to rings that are at least 100 years old or older than that, but some shops use the word for rings 50-100 years old as well. Rings that are 20-100 years old are usually called vintage, while items that are second-hand are called estate and rings belonging to both categories should come for a lower price that genuine antique pieces.

Picking the Right Style

Antique rings reflect the style that dominated the period when they were made – here are some features:

  • Victorian rings – these truly antique pieces were made between 1835-1900. The preferred material of the period’s jewelers was white and yellow gold, while the most popular designs combine rows of small, mine-cut diamonds (a cut specific to the era) with genuine pearls;
  • Rings from the Edwardian era – the period was full of conflicts and the turmoil was reflected in jewelry styles as well. One of the dominant trends for jewelry making in the period was Art Nouveau, the incorporation of technology into the process, while the other trend, the design and manufacturing style that is called Edwardian uses ornamental motifs, shapes inspired by the Court of Versailles, such as ribbons, garlands, bow knots. Platinum was discovered during the period, so the era’s rings no longer use only gold, but the new metal as well;
  • Art Deco – the last of the periods that give us antique rings, Art Deco is an era of contrast. The rings made during the first decades of the 20th century use symmetrical, parallel lines, geometrical shapes and bright-colored stones, such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds in combination with diamonds or on their own.


Antique engagement rings prices start around a thousand dollars, with the sky as the upper limit, so purchasing an era piece can be considered a token of your love and an investment at the same time and, as it is the case with any investment, knowing your financial possibilities and sticking to your budget is very important. Try to match your financial opportunities, the style and age of the ring and your lady’s style and don’t forget that the reason why you want to surprise her with a beautiful ring is to offer a charming proof of your love.


When you have found that perfect ring, hopefully you trust the jeweler that helped you. This will be very convenient when you need maintenance and jewelry repair Denver.

Factors that Influence Vacuum Longevity or How Long Does a Vacuum Last?

How long does a vacuum last? – this is the second most frequently asked question that prospective buyers want an answer to (the first one usually relates to price) and also a question that cannot be answered with a number. Though according to statistical data, vacuums last for an average of eight years, their longevity is determined by many factors, here are some of the most important ones.


Your vacuum cleaner can serve you well for as long as you expect it to only if you take proper care of it – here are a few things that you should do to maintain the health of your vacuum cleaner:

  • Replace the dust bag or empty the bin before it is completely filled – bags and bins that are filled with too much dust may clog the filters of the appliance and cause severe damage;
  • Take good care of the filters – vacuum cleaners use several filters to prevent dust from getting into the motor and into the other components of the appliance. Disposable filters need to be replaced regularly and permanent filters also need to be cleaned frequently to ensure the proper functioning of the appliance;
  • Check the hose – the hose at the end of the cleaning attachment can get clogged, which may also cause the fault of the appliance, so check it every few weeks, clean it and unclog it.

More complex appliances, such as high-end vacuum cleaners that have multiple functions and use special filters, will benefit a lot from annual servicing – the vacuum repair Broomfield technician will check and clean the motor, he will check the bearings and the other components to see if they work properly or they need to be replaced and they also clean the other parts inside the appliance.

vacuum maintenance and repair


The frequency and the intensity of the usage also determines how long your vacuum will live. Vacuum cleaners that are used frequently on heavily soiled floors are exposed to more wear and tear and therefore they will live shorter if they don’t get enough attention from their owners.

It is also very important to pick a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for the type of cleaning that you will use it for. Some appliances are suitable only for small homes that are not very heavily soiled, while others are as powerful as industrial-grade machines and can be used to clean large areas frequently.


If your vacuum cleaner stops working or it starts making strange noises, it does not mean that it is beyond repair. Vacuums are sturdy appliances, so in most cases, the fault is caused by a faulty bearing or a torn cable both issues easy to fix. However, if the motor of the appliance seems to be losing power and the appliance does not respond well to cleaning, maintenance and repair, it might be time to replace the unit.

As you see, the answer to the question “How long does a vacuum last?” depends on many factors – to be able to make the most of your appliance, try to pick the product that is the most suitable for the type of cleaning that you need the appliance for, take good care of your vacuum and it will serve you well for about a decade.

What Are the Percussion Instruments and Why Is Learning to Play Them Beneficial?

Percussion instruments are the most basic, the most ancient and the most important tools to set up the rhythm of the music played in any culture – the human being probably started using drum-like objects to create music in the early times of humanity and percussion instruments are still essential in most musical styles.

Each human culture, even the smallest tribe has its own percussion instruments and the list of these tools can go on almost endlessly, so we will classify percussion instruments based on how identifiable the sound of the instrument is and based on the methods used for the production of sound – here are the most important types.

Pitched and Unpitched Percussion Instruments

This classification categorizes percussion instruments into pitched and unpitched instruments, based on how identifiable the sound is. Pitched instruments, such as the glockenspiel and the timpani make easily recognizable sounds, while unpitched instruments, such as snare drums are used more for maintaining of the music played.

Types of Percussion Instruments Based on the Sounding Method


These types produce sounds by vibrating in their entire body. They are usually made of solid, vibrating material, such as stone, metal or wood and they are sounded by friction, hitting, scraping, shaking, stamping or by the concussion of the two similar parts of the instrument. The category includes many instruments, the most common being triangles, castanets, handbells and vibraphones.


These instruments use a stretched membrane to produce the sound. The most typical examples of membranophones are drums – whether they are sounded with the help of a stick, they are hit with the hand or they are used with the help of a string pulled to pass the vibration to the membrane, they all consist of a hollow body and a stretched material that vibrates.


percussion mallets

Most instruments identified as chordophones belong to the category of string instruments, a class that produces sound in ways completely different from what we acknowledge as percussion, but some chordophones, such as the cimbalom, produce sound when their chords are hit with sticks and therefore are categorized as percussions and not as strings.

The Benefits of Playing a Percussion Instrument

The act of playing a percussion instrument is very pleasing and enjoyable for the mind and for the body as well. Drum shop Denver professionals can help you chose the instrument that most appeals to you. Here are just a few benefits that will surely convince you to get a drum set, either for yourself or for your child:

  • Physical exercise – playing percussions involves repetitive movements of the arms as well as of the legs and the music will divert your attention from how tiring the activity is;
  • Improved motor skills and coordination – when you play percussion instruments, the movements performed with one side of your body can mirror the movements of the other side or they can be completely different. Performing the same movements with your left and your right side can be demanding for the brain and so is playing one rhythm with one hand and a different rhythm with the other hand, so percussion instruments are great for improving coordination;
  • Stress relief – playing music has calming effects, no matter what instrument you play and playing a percussion is even more liberating because it is a very dynamic and powerful form of self-expression.

Why Buy Elk Meat and What Are the Main Health Benefits of Elk?

Before even considering the question of why buy elk meat on a regular basis, it’s important to note the fact that elk isn’t as popular or as commonly consumed as some other types of game, such as hare or venison. One of the easiest and quickest to prepare types of meat, elk will surprise you with its rich texture and somewhat familiar taste.

The Popularity of Elk

elk on the alpine meadow in colorado wildernessAlthough elk isn’t among the most popular and commonly consumed types of game meat in the United States, it’s definitely worth getting it – even if just to try it out once. According to many of those who have done so, they couldn’t really stop, since this meat is definitely special.

There are certain farms that raise elk, and some restaurants offer elk as a main course. However, this isn’t the status quo everywhere. In most places, if you want elk, you’ll likely have to order it online and wait at least a few days for your delivery to arrive.

Easily Prepare the Most Delicious Game Meat

So why buy elk meat, if it’s not as readily available as hare or pheasant? The main reason is the delicious taste. Elk tastes much like beef, but its flavor is slightly stronger and more refined. Nevertheless, it can easily substitute beef in most recipes, and it some cases it’ll make your meal taste much better than the original! Even halfway into your first bite, you’ll definitely feel like you’re eating something entirely special, and if you’re looking for high protein meals, you’ve definitely hit the jackpot with elk – which has about 30 grams of protein per 100g serving.

Ease of preparation is also an important asset. Elk takes less to prepare than most types of meat, and you don’t need to invest much time and effort to get it ready for the frying pan or the grill. However, a word of caution: elk is leaner than most types of meat, and it contains very little fat. That means you have to make sure not to leave it on the fire too long, or it’ll get dry and tough.

Nutritional Benefits

Healthy eaters will definitely appreciate a delicious portion of elk. When it comes to the protein, cholesterol and fat content, only turkey comes close to offering an equally balanced meat. Compared to Pork, lamb, bison, chicken and beef, you’ll find that elk meat has the lowest count of saturated fat, which makes it an extremely healthy meat.

Also, compared to the 86-89 mg of cholesterol found in lamb, chicken, beef and pork, elk comes in last with an impressive 73 mg. Finally, elk has a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals that are essential for daily intake. Some of them include vitamin B-12 and B6, a decently high concentration of zinc, iron and phosphorus, and an extremely high selenium count to help boost your immune system.

The bottom line is elk isn’t as well-known as other types of meat, but it’s definitely healthier and more special, which makes it a great choice. After all, why buy elk meat if not for its nutrient-rich consistency and the delicious flavor of a wholly underrated type of game meat?

The Details of Finding High Quality Mesh Office Chairs for Sale

Buying quality mesh office chairs for sale can be a difficult task for the most part. You have to keep track of the quality and rating of the chair as well as the reputation of the company that manufactures them. Also, popular demand, perceived quality and the opinions of reviewers don’t always reflect what you might be looking for in the best chairs for your company. So make sure to follow the tips below and find the type of chair your employees will truly thank you for.

What Is the Main Purpose of the Chairs?


When buying your office chairs, one of the most significant aspect you have to keep track of is the type of chair you buy. What will you need it for? Are most of your office chairs designed for computer work, writing or typing at a desk, moving around the cubicle a lot in search of the right documents or keeping employees’ health intact after sitting in those chairs for hours on end?


These factors have to be considered when it comes to purchasing mesh office chairs for sale at a good price. Chairs that won’t be used all that much can be less expensive, and you won’t always need padding. If your employees will spend a great deal of time at a computer, you have to consider chairs with extra padding and a good ergonomic structure to help fend off back pain. Additionally, always make sure the chairs you buy are ideally adjustable to an extent that they offer the best level of comfort you can find.


Features to Look for: Padding, Swivel Chairs and More


Leather and mesh combinations are great options for the newest high quality chairs, and many of the chairs you find on the market will have this mix of materials. They are designed for better overall comfort, but also to be more durable and resilient.


A mesh chair that features no other types of fabrics could work well if you want both comfort and style. Mesh is far easier to customize than most other types of materials, and the brighter colors and more unique styles might be a better fit to the overall décor and design of your offices.


It’s a good idea to look for good quality swivel chairs with metallic legs and wheels, although most experts agree that the wheels can be plastic as long as they are made to be resilient. A reliable swivel mechanism combined with a resilient metal structure will ensure that your chairs won’t break or bend under strain.


Finally, as mentioned earlier the padding has to be chosen based on how often the chairs are expected to be in use. However, you also have to keep track of the cost and make sure your new mesh chairs are easy to clean. If you’ll constantly have business partners and inspections coming through the office, then this last point is of considerable importance.


All in all, purchasing good quality mesh chairs doesn’t necessarily have to be about the price. You’ll find many of the tips above will take you to sellers who offer surprisingly good deals, and some of the best chairs you’ll find will even be listed on used mesh chair offers.

The Specifics of Going to Painting with a Twist – Ridgewood Recommendations for Locals

Even if you might be familiar with Painting with a Twist, Ridgewood experts can tell you much more about these events and the details of what you might encounter as you go on to become one of the guests trying their hand at painting. If you don’t really know what to expect, the considerations and insight presented below should help you decide whether these types of events are truly for you.

In most cases first-time visitors find that they fit in just perfectly as they talk to other guests and begin their work at the canvas. You too can become one of them and find the joy of sipping your drink while getting inspired to paint your masterpieces.

You Don’t Have to Be an Artist

The first thing you need to be aware of is that Painting with a Twist is not a place where you have to be “this” talented to enter. Instead, everyone who enjoys drawing or painting is welcome, whether you happen to actually be an artist, or you just enjoy mixing colors and playing with the canvas to form basic shapes and images.

The instructors available at Painting with a Twist, Ridgewood locals admit, are extremely helpful, friendly and patient. They will guide you through each stroke, and you’ll definitely have learned something new about art at each event with their help.

Sipping Is Not Mandatory

Although the event you’re going to is technically a “painting and drinking” event, you are not actually required to drink as you paint. The company encourages guests to drink in order to maintain the atmosphere. However, if your health, your beliefs or your preferences prevent you from drinking alcoholic beverages, there are lots of other juices and drinks you can consider.

You can even avoid drinking anything stronger than apple and cranberry juice, an excellent choice if you’re suffering from diabetes or other diseases that don’t allow you to drink alcohol.

You Can Talk at Your Leisure

Talking to people is a big part of what Painting with a Twist is all about. Social interaction will help you open up about yourself, give you the opportunity to unwind, and of course, get you in touch with some really exciting and interesting people.

You don’t have to worry about being in a rigid classroom environment where the instructor would always draw your attention to focus on the artwork. Instead, you will be free to talk and share your thoughts, and the work you’re doing can also serve as an inspiration to your discussions – although not necessarily.

You’re Free to Paint Anything You Want

Finally, with adults of all ages and skill levels coming to Painting with a Twist Ridgewood sessions, you might be one of the more skilled visitors. If so, don’t let any particular theme dictate what to paint. If you’re a free spirit, then feel free to paint whatever you like.

The instructors will guide the group through the theme that was established for the evening in question, however, not everyone has to follow that particular theme or paint that particular painting. In fact, a little diversity actually goes a long way towards spicing up the entire painting session.

Custom Packaging – Colorado Companies Can Serve as Your One-Stop Hub for the Design and Execution of Your Labels and Packaging

When it comes to custom packaging, Colorado gives home to numerous companies that can help you choose the packaging materials that best suit your products and your package design ideas and will create packaging that meets the requirements of your industry. Whether it is clamshell, cardboard or other material that works best for you, these companies can take over the entire process of packaging design and manufacturing and many of them can also handle labeling-related projects – here are just some of the services you can turn to them for.


What seems to work on a computer screen might not work just as well in real life. This does not mean that you as the client looking for a packaging solution should not have ideas about what you want your product packaging to look like, but the first step towards the perfect packaging design should be consultation with your packaging manufacturer. Many companies provide market research services as well – they will check the designs used by your competitors, they will evaluate design options in terms of color choice and shapes and they will come up with the solutions that will work best for you in terms of size, shape, manufacturing technology, material choice and pricing.

You can turn to local custom packaging companies not only for consultation related to the packaging design, but also for the creation of the design of the labels used on your products. The process of labeling creation is similar to the consultation related to packaging materials: you tell the company your ideas, based on which the company’s experts will carry out their own research and will come up with solutions.

Packaging and Label Design

Many good custom packaging manufacturers can also create the packaging design that will work best for your products. The packaging experts employed by these companies will know exactly what type of packaging materials are the most suitable for keeping the product inside the package safe and intact and what will work best on the retailer’s shelf – in other words, they will create the design that protects the packaged products and attracts customers to have a closer look at your product.

Execution and Delivery

You can turn to the manufacturers of custom packaging Colorado gives home to in order to provide comprehensive solutions that include consultation, design, manufacturing and delivery or you can turn to them to produce packaging and labels based on your existing specifications.

Types of Packaging Manufacturers

The packaging industry is large and diverse and not all manufacturers provide comprehensive packaging solutions or work with all types of materials:

– Some companies execute only packaging made from cardboard or foil, while others can handle metal as well
– Some companies provide only external packaging solutions, while others provide filling solutions such as foam sheets or execute die cuts as well.

With the help of the suitable custom packaging manufacturer, you can not only streamline your manufacturing process, but you can also improve your sales figures by offering products that are not only of high quality, but also attractive.

Wine and Cocktails Painting Parties – What Are They All About and Why Should You Go?

Although they initially started in the American South, wine and cocktails painting parties have spread and become increasingly popular over the past few years throughout the entire country.  Wine and painting Denver offers is some of the most enjoyable experiences, and you will find yourself coming back for more.


After enjoying a few sips of wine, partygoers are able to immerse themselves into an inspiring, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that combines the art of painting with the magic of making new friends and having a most memorable afternoon.


How Well Do Cocktails and Painting Go Together?


A cocktails and wine painting party is a unique kind of party that combines painting and drinks to offer guests a memorable experience. When you arrive, you will be provided with drinks, food and your own place at the canvas, where you can unleash your painting skills and creative ideas to make your paintings unique.


The parties are, however, all about socializing and making new connections. Whether you have a lot of hobbies, your career is on its way to fruition, or your main goal in life is to have a happy family, you’ll always find someone with common goals, aspirations and challenges at these parties. A fun and relaxing time, enjoyable conversation, good wine and the excitement of an artistic pursuit are the main highlights of attending one of these events.


The Experience of Attending a Wine & Painting Party


Going to a cocktails and painting party is always a unique experience, and most organizers will surprise you with creative ideas, challenging painting goals and, of course, delicious wine.


Now, before attending a wine and painting party, there are a few things you have to know that will likely put your mind at ease about these gatherings:


  • You don’t have to be an artist, and you don’t even need any special skills with the paintbrush. The sole purpose of these parties is to have a good time.
  • There isn’t always a set rule as to what you’ll be painting. In some cases you will be given a picture of what your painting should look like once you’re done, but in many instances you get to choose the picture you with to paint.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if your painting isn’t the best and brightest in the room. Chances are a lot of the other partygoers’ aren’t much better, and yet many of them will probably express their delight at what a good job you’ve done.
  • In most cases you won’t have to bring your own wine to the party, as all drinks and food provisions will be taken care of. Also, all painting resources will be made available by the organizers, so all you have to do is show up.
  • Don’t forget to socialize. Paintings and wine can both be relaxing and fascinating enough to drive even the least friendly of hermits to have an engaging conversation with one of the other partygoers.


So as long as you’re old enough to drink, and you marginally enjoy holding a paintbrush in your hand and sliding a few strokes on the canvas, you’ll undoubtedly have a great time at wine and cocktails painting parties, where you are also likely to meet many delightful strangers and potential friends.

Buy Wedding Flowers In Denver – The Wedding Bouquet, Significance And Types

There are many shops specialized in wedding flowers in Denver, creating and delivering fabulous arrangements as well as simple bouquets.

The wedding bouquet is one of the bride`s central accessories, together with the dress and the jewelry, so there is typically a lot of (perfectly justifiable!) fuzz about it. It must be perfect, that`s for sure.

The significance of the wedding bouquet

Wedding ceremonies enhanced with flowers are no novelty. Romans considered the flowers a symbol of fertility and therefore they were present not just in the ceremony but also during the entire wedding preparation process.

Edible aromatic herbs were also an important part of the wedding ceremonies, as it was believed, in ancient Greece and Roman Empire, that they can keep evil spirits away and also increase sexual desire.

These practices have changed over time, but the bouquet remains until today a bearer of a message. In old times, the color of the bouquet was very important (intense colors were translated into intense feelings), but today this meaning does not exist anymore and flowers are chosen according to personal preferences or to match the wedding`s theme and the color of the dress.

We will not insist on tossing the bouquet as it is merely a recent practice, not a tradition.

What type of floral bouquet would you like?

In order to choose your bouquet, you must first identify your style. You can find all kind of wedding flowers in Denver, including rare and exotic species, thus you have plenty of choices. Look around, evaluate different flower arrangements, decide what fits your budget, learn about flowers` meanings and figure out your floral style. Here are some suggestions of floral designs and keywords for each of them:

  • Classic floral design: round, crisp, roses.
  • Romantic: fluffy flowers, English rose, lily, iris, neutral/ antique pink, beige or white
  • Modern: minimal design, modern shapes, bright colors, exotic flowers
  • Natural: daisies, sunflowers, greenery, loose & organic designs
  • Wild: many colors and textures, free-flowing design

Things to consider when choosing your wedding bouquet

  • Choose your wedding dress first, because it is easier to match flowers with it than vice-versa
  • The shape and size of the bouquet should be chosen carefully, according to the dress, the wedding theme and decoration (flower shops in Denver are a great place to start).
  • If there is something you can add to make it personal, do it (it may be anything, from a silk scarf from your grandmother that you can use to bind the bouquet, to a little brooch that you can attach to a ribbon)
  • Make sure your bouquet is picture perfect because it will be the star in all the photographs, together with its bearer
  • Choose a bouquet that you can hold easily. Carrying something too large or heavy will make you look a bit awkward
  • It doesn’t matter what flowers you choose for your bouquet, as long as you can keep them fresh during the ceremony and reception.

Keep these aspects in mind when choosing wedding flowers, and you will surely be happy with the result.