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Why Buy Elk Meat and What Are the Main Health Benefits of Elk?

Before even considering the question of why buy elk meat on a regular basis, it’s important to note the fact that elk isn’t as popular or as commonly consumed as some other types of game, such as hare or venison. One of the easiest and quickest to prepare types of meat, elk will surprise you with its rich texture and somewhat familiar taste.

The Popularity of Elk

elk on the alpine meadow in colorado wildernessAlthough elk isn’t among the most popular and commonly consumed types of game meat in the United States, it’s definitely worth getting it – even if just to try it out once. According to many of those who have done so, they couldn’t really stop, since this meat is definitely special.

There are certain farms that raise elk, and some restaurants offer elk as a main course. However, this isn’t the status quo everywhere. In most places, if you want elk, you’ll likely have to order it online and wait at least a few days for your delivery to arrive.

Easily Prepare the Most Delicious Game Meat

So why buy elk meat, if it’s not as readily available as hare or pheasant? The main reason is the delicious taste. Elk tastes much like beef, but its flavor is slightly stronger and more refined. Nevertheless, it can easily substitute beef in most recipes, and it some cases it’ll make your meal taste much better than the original! Even halfway into your first bite, you’ll definitely feel like you’re eating something entirely special, and if you’re looking for high protein meals, you’ve definitely hit the jackpot with elk – which has about 30 grams of protein per 100g serving.

Ease of preparation is also an important asset. Elk takes less to prepare than most types of meat, and you don’t need to invest much time and effort to get it ready for the frying pan or the grill. However, a word of caution: elk is leaner than most types of meat, and it contains very little fat. That means you have to make sure not to leave it on the fire too long, or it’ll get dry and tough.

Nutritional Benefits

Healthy eaters will definitely appreciate a delicious portion of elk. When it comes to the protein, cholesterol and fat content, only turkey comes close to offering an equally balanced meat. Compared to Pork, lamb, bison, chicken and beef, you’ll find that elk meat has the lowest count of saturated fat, which makes it an extremely healthy meat.

Also, compared to the 86-89 mg of cholesterol found in lamb, chicken, beef and pork, elk comes in last with an impressive 73 mg. Finally, elk has a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals that are essential for daily intake. Some of them include vitamin B-12 and B6, a decently high concentration of zinc, iron and phosphorus, and an extremely high selenium count to help boost your immune system.

The bottom line is elk isn’t as well-known as other types of meat, but it’s definitely healthier and more special, which makes it a great choice. After all, why buy elk meat if not for its nutrient-rich consistency and the delicious flavor of a wholly underrated type of game meat?