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Common Mistakes Your Drivers Make

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No matter how much experience a person gains over the years, as humans, we are bound to make mistakes, one way or another. The same thing applies to drivers as well. Many student drivers are being taught by their parents before attending real driving class. While this is a good thing, they may also pick up some unwanted habits that their parents have learned throughout the years while driving. Also, drivers who have not gained enough experience on the road may be unaware of whether or not they are making a mistake. There are many common mistakes that driver’s make throughout their lifetime, and here we will highlight a few of them that could be easily avoided.

1. Forgetting the Small Adjustments

When talking about driving, every small detail matters. Many functions of a car can be adjusted and personalized to specific needs. Many people, especially students start the engine before even making sure that they can fit comfortably in the driver’s seat. This is most common in driving classes where an instructor has 2 or more students at the same time. Each of them with different height and body size. Properly adjust the driver’s seat is important to make sure that one’s legs can easily reach the pedals without obstruction. Besides the seat, some of the mirrors need adjusting to make sure one has the proper visibility all around the car.

2. Improper Usage of Car Lights
Information is key while driving. Cars are equipped with specific light functions that many new and inexperienced drivers tend to forget about, such as turn signals. Turn signals re essential in informing drivers and walkers around you, what your intentions are. Improper usage of this function or not using it at all will force drivers that are behind to react unpredictably. The same thing applies the front lights of a car. The rule that many drivers seem to forget is that at night, low light beams should be used whenever you see a sign of another car coming from the opposite direction. Once it has passed, drivers can return to the high beams if they find themselves on roads with no light sources.

3. Giving Distractions Too Much Attention
Distractions while driving where not that common some few years ago. However, since smartphones, texting and surfing the internet has become very common, especially for millennials. While driving, it is necessary to maintain constant vigilance, even on an empty road. Besides that, there are a lot of elements that can distract a person while driving. A beautiful view, changing the radio but also cognitive distractions, such as arguing with a fellow passenger. Also, not making the small adjustments to the car mentioned above will lead to a distracted mind.

4. Not Maintaining the Proper Speed Limit
This factor can go both ways. Many drivers exceed the speed limit required in a particular area or fail to adjust it when needed. For a new driver, this is to be expected. Unfortunately, many experienced drivers feel confident enough to handle high speeds no matter what the circumstances or the weather conditions. On the opposite side, some are anxious with the acceleration pedal. There are roads such as a highway, that has a minimum speed available posted. While reaching a speed below the posted one may not cause any harm to other cars or people, it may impede the proper flow of traffic and can become a nuisance for others.

New drivers will most likely encounter some of these common issues while on the road. However, with proper training from the best driving school in Colorado Springs, these issues will most likely be avoided. Experienced drivers are also prone to these mistakes and can also improve their current driving skills and correct some of the habits learned.