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The Latest Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Design

Kitchens are complex spaces that have multiple focal points, the cabinetry being one of the components that attract the gaze and define the overall atmosphere as well as functionality. The cabinets used in the kitchen play the double role of creating a visually pleasing space and providing storage for the plates, pots, cutlery and appliances. Fortunately, the latest trends in kitchen cabinet design have solutions to address both aspects – here are some of the hottest cabinet features right now.

Opening Up the Space

The trendiest kitchens today replace wall-mounted cabinets with open shelves and use doored cabinets only installed on the floor, along the walls or underneath the countertop. The result is an interesting appearance that is more comfortable to use and less stodgy and the solution also offers more design options.

Denver cabinets

Customized Colors

The colors featured on the cabinets can serve not only functionality (certain colors conceal spots better than others), but personality as well. Denver cabinets makers have recognized the demand for wider, more sophisticated color palettes and offer much more varied choice now, including toned-down hues and more striking, bolder options.

The most popular colors for this year are still white, beige, gray, light, powder colors, such as powder pink, pale yellow or light blue, but dark colors, including anthracite, navy blue, red and orange are also very trendy.

Mixed Designs

The combination of traditional components with industrial components are also very hot thee days. Shaker-style cabinets and granite countertops mixed with industrial-looking pendant lights or minimalist cabinets paired with an elaborate chandelier is also a great way to make a powerful and attractive style statement.

Modern design trends pay increased attention to accessories, such as the knobs and handles used on the cabinets. Mixing and matching styles is very much en vogue – a vintage knob on a sleek, simple and elegant cabinet adds some spice and playfulness to the overall appearance, while traditional-looking doors with minimalist, shiny stainless steel handles is also a great, contemporary solution.

Playing with Textures

Most cabinet makers today offer cabinets with matt as well as with glossy finishes. While matt coating is more suitable for classic kitchens, glossy finishes work great on cabinets in bright colors, such as red or orange.

Smart Cabinet Hardware

The size of kitchens is shrinking along with overall housing sizes and the owners of small kitchens need solutions that help them use every inch of their space. Smart, modern hardware solutions can transform even the thin space between the counter and the fridge or between cabinets into useful, extra storage space, just great for organizes spice bottles, cleaning substances and other small items.

Lighting Underneath and Inside the Cabinets

The central, ceiling-mounted fixtures and the pendant lights are supplemented with LED strings installed either underneath wall-mounted cabinets or inside cabinets that have glass doors. The solution is great not only for increasing the usability of the kitchen, but also for adding an extra layer of ambient light that can be used on its own or together with the other fixtures.