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Tips for Buyers Who Consider Purchasing an Antique Engagement Ring to Be the Best Way to Express Their Love

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If you are looking for a way to make the evening when you propose to your lady truly unique, you may want to consider purchasing an antique engagement ring from trustworthy jewelry stores Denver experts– while the romantic setting that you surely choose with utmost care will set the general atmosphere for the proposal, the ring itself will express the depth of your feelings and will dazzle and charm your significant other.

However, purchasing the right ring is not easy – you will need to pick the right band from a very large array of rings, you will have to make decisions about the style that matches the tastes of your lady and you will need to make financial decisions as well because antique rings are never cheap. To make it all easier for you, here is a short guide to eras and styles as well as to financing options.


What is, in fact, an Antique Engagement Ring?

Not every ring that looks old is antique as well. When applied to rings, the term usually refers to rings that are at least 100 years old or older than that, but some shops use the word for rings 50-100 years old as well. Rings that are 20-100 years old are usually called vintage, while items that are second-hand are called estate and rings belonging to both categories should come for a lower price that genuine antique pieces.

Picking the Right Style

Antique rings reflect the style that dominated the period when they were made – here are some features:

  • Victorian rings – these truly antique pieces were made between 1835-1900. The preferred material of the period’s jewelers was white and yellow gold, while the most popular designs combine rows of small, mine-cut diamonds (a cut specific to the era) with genuine pearls;
  • Rings from the Edwardian era – the period was full of conflicts and the turmoil was reflected in jewelry styles as well. One of the dominant trends for jewelry making in the period was Art Nouveau, the incorporation of technology into the process, while the other trend, the design and manufacturing style that is called Edwardian uses ornamental motifs, shapes inspired by the Court of Versailles, such as ribbons, garlands, bow knots. Platinum was discovered during the period, so the era’s rings no longer use only gold, but the new metal as well;
  • Art Deco – the last of the periods that give us antique rings, Art Deco is an era of contrast. The rings made during the first decades of the 20th century use symmetrical, parallel lines, geometrical shapes and bright-colored stones, such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds in combination with diamonds or on their own.


Antique engagement rings prices start around a thousand dollars, with the sky as the upper limit, so purchasing an era piece can be considered a token of your love and an investment at the same time and, as it is the case with any investment, knowing your financial possibilities and sticking to your budget is very important. Try to match your financial opportunities, the style and age of the ring and your lady’s style and don’t forget that the reason why you want to surprise her with a beautiful ring is to offer a charming proof of your love.


When you have found that perfect ring, hopefully you trust the jeweler that helped you. This will be very convenient when you need maintenance and jewelry repair Denver.