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cbd cream for pain

Evaluating the Benefits of Cannabis Based Products: Does CBD Reduce Pain Effectively?

Most people have heard of CBD related to cannabis, but they don’t really know what it is and whether it is any different from similar compounds based on the notorious plant. Unlike THC, cannabidiol – which is what CBD stands for – will have somewhat different effects on the body.

One could say that CBD is the part of cannabis that acts more as medicine than anything else, and CBD oil is already well-known throughout the world for its remarkable health benefits and especially for its ability to relieve pain.

A Look at CBD and Its Most Important Effects

So, what does CBD do anyway, and why would you want to use it? Having a clear picture of what CBD can do will help you decide whether or not it can actually help you.

Also called hemp or marijuana, cannabis contains two main compounds that provide it with its unique traits: THC and CBD. While THC is the compound that is mainly responsible for the altered states of consciousness induced by cannabis, CBD is somewhat milder. It doesn’t produce a “high,” nor does it affect your state of mind. What it does do is act as an exceptionally effective and completely natural pain reliever.

So, now that we know what CBD is and what it’s good for, can it really deal with the type of pain that we might be experiencing? Let’s take a closer look in the following.

cbd cream for pain

CBD for Pain Relief

Many studies, one of which published recently in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, can support the claims that CBD is good for pain relief.

Since the body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that responds directly to the presence of CBD, the endocannabinoids that are produced naturally within the body are basically supplemented by the ones from your CBD products. However, unlike THC, which affects the brain’s cannabinoid receptors and produces a state of “high,” CBD only affects them indirectly by affecting other compounds that the ECS regulates.

As a result, functions like sleep, immunity and pain can be regulated by the amount of CBD you put into your body. So, because of this fact and because CBD is essentially natural as far as the body is concerned, not only does it have excellent pain relief abilities, but researchers also found that many people don’t develop a tolerance to its effects, so they would not have to increase the dosage to get the same results.

Getting Rid of Arthritic Pain

Looking at arthritic pain, medical specialists have found that CBD cream for pain can offer substantial relief to people suffering from arthritis. The European Journal of Pain recently published a study that shows how rats with arthritis experienced relief from pain after only 4 days of being treated with CBD. Signs of inflammation and pain have disappeared without any visible side effects. Unfortunately, even though people claim that they managed to limit their arthritic pain with CBD, more studies are required before a scientific conclusion can be reached.

Keep in mind that the use of CBD, even for medical purposes, is still not legal in many places. Before you consider buying or using it to help you with your condition, read up on your area’s laws and legal guidelines, and make sure that the source you find is reputed to have only the finest quality CBD-based products on the market.