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New Business Sign Ideas For 2020

Having a business sign that stands out with its stylish and attractive uniqueness and that is able to convey your message and to represent your company’s values is no small task. Business sign design being governed by trends, your signage needs to make use of the latest trends and the technologies and the range of the materials used for the execution of the signs is also becoming richer all the time, so here are some ideas to help you create signage that makes use of the hottest trends for 2020.

Minimalist Designs

Clean lines and shapes, lettering that features no ornaments, designs that communicate your message in a clear and elegant way – this is what minimalist styles can offer you. Minimalist signs use not more than two colors and the font used for the text component is composed of simple, straight, often rugged lines.

signs Denver CO

Bold Solutions

While minimalist sign designs found in Denver CO are all about subtle solutions, using bold colors and striking design components is also very trendy in 2020. The trend of using vibrant colors is especially popular among companies that target younger audiences.

Complex Typographic Solutions

Bold colors can work exceptionally well with typographic solutions that combine at least two fonts or even handwriting. If this type of design appeals to you, make sure that your choice of lettering does not hinder readability – while the experts say that using two fonts will keep the attention of the attention of your potential customers engaged for longer, fonts that are too complicated will drive away customers.

Vintage or Classic Solutions

Traditional signs Denver CO solutions, such as a bracket hung over your shop door, are making a comeback and so are many other solutions that feature vintage designs. Using colorful neon lights inspired from the shapes that were popular in the 80’s, pixelated typefaces, geometric shapes and patterns are all very popular these days – if the design style appeals to you, try to integrate that with the overall image of your company to create a consistent appearance.

Electronic Signs

This solution is very modern, very trendy and very attractive, though a bit costly. Electronic message centers are usually located in busy spots around your town and city, in areas where people spend time waiting, such as in bus stops and they allow for displaying high-resolution, high-quality signs and ads to entertain, inform and intrigue the people looking at the ads. Some of these centers are suitable for playing sound as well, further increasing the range possibilities that you can use.

Using Floor Space Wisely

Floor signs are still among the most efficient forms of company signage, suitable for passing on information, for providing direction and for raising awareness towards your brands. If you choose floor signs to use either on your shop floor or on the floor of department stores or other facilities, pay special attention to the quality and the durability used for the signage – floor signs are walked on and exposed to the chemicals used for scrubbing and washing the floor, so you need special materials that can withstand such wear and tear.