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Factors that Influence Vacuum Longevity or How Long Does a Vacuum Last?

How long does a vacuum last? – this is the second most frequently asked question that prospective buyers want an answer to (the first one usually relates to price) and also a question that cannot be answered with a number. Though according to statistical data, vacuums last for an average of eight years, their longevity is determined by many factors, here are some of the most important ones.


Your vacuum cleaner can serve you well for as long as you expect it to only if you take proper care of it – here are a few things that you should do to maintain the health of your vacuum cleaner:

  • Replace the dust bag or empty the bin before it is completely filled – bags and bins that are filled with too much dust may clog the filters of the appliance and cause severe damage;
  • Take good care of the filters – vacuum cleaners use several filters to prevent dust from getting into the motor and into the other components of the appliance. Disposable filters need to be replaced regularly and permanent filters also need to be cleaned frequently to ensure the proper functioning of the appliance;
  • Check the hose – the hose at the end of the cleaning attachment can get clogged, which may also cause the fault of the appliance, so check it every few weeks, clean it and unclog it.

More complex appliances, such as high-end vacuum cleaners that have multiple functions and use special filters, will benefit a lot from annual servicing – the vacuum repair Broomfield technician will check and clean the motor, he will check the bearings and the other components to see if they work properly or they need to be replaced and they also clean the other parts inside the appliance.

vacuum maintenance and repair


The frequency and the intensity of the usage also determines how long your vacuum will live. Vacuum cleaners that are used frequently on heavily soiled floors are exposed to more wear and tear and therefore they will live shorter if they don’t get enough attention from their owners.

It is also very important to pick a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for the type of cleaning that you will use it for. Some appliances are suitable only for small homes that are not very heavily soiled, while others are as powerful as industrial-grade machines and can be used to clean large areas frequently.


If your vacuum cleaner stops working or it starts making strange noises, it does not mean that it is beyond repair. Vacuums are sturdy appliances, so in most cases, the fault is caused by a faulty bearing or a torn cable both issues easy to fix. However, if the motor of the appliance seems to be losing power and the appliance does not respond well to cleaning, maintenance and repair, it might be time to replace the unit.

As you see, the answer to the question “How long does a vacuum last?” depends on many factors – to be able to make the most of your appliance, try to pick the product that is the most suitable for the type of cleaning that you need the appliance for, take good care of your vacuum and it will serve you well for about a decade.