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How The Right Sign Can Boost Your Business Brand

tips from a sign company near me

Your business signs are among your most important tools to achieve brand success. The two most important features to be achieved with your business signage are visibility and communicating the right message. Neither of the two is enough in its own: no matter how visible your signs are, if they fail to convey the right message, they will not be efficient and no matter how well-designed and attractive your signs are, but if the signs are not sufficiently visible, they will be unnoticed by your target audience. Here are some tips from a sign company near me for achieving both goals.

Choose the Right Types of Signage

The material and the size that you choose are essential for signs that are durable and able to maintain the quality of your signs without fading. Signs can be made from lots of different materials, including metal, wood, foil, plastic, neon, fluorescent lights and LEDs. The choice of the materials depends on the space in which they will be used: you need weather-resistant materials for outdoor signs, while indoor signs can be made from more sensitive materials, too.

There are plenty of sign types to choose from for indoor as well as for outdoor advertising. Synthetic materials, such as acrylic and the sheets used for making banners are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage as well and so are LED displays, wood and metal signs.

Branding Considerations

Your business signs are your most important tools in attracting attention to your brand and in communicating your message to your customers. The principle components of your signs are graphic elements and text, the design of both elements being essential for success. If you already have a business logo, use it on all your signs, but make sure that it is of the right size and quality – not too large and not too small, being readable from the typical distance at which your customers stand from your sign. Your business signs should also include text to inform your audience about your contact details and about your promotions. Include your slogan and a firm call to action as well.

Consider Switching to LED Displays

LED message boards are currently the most advanced and most versatile signage solutions, suitable for indoor and outdoor branding alike. The solution will give you lots of freedom when it comes to the amount of information that you want to convey and it is also considered to be among the most attractive ones – LED boards can be configured to display any amount of images and slides, one following the other at predefined intervals. You can also use your LED boards to advertise your seasonal promotions – all you need to replace a set of images is a computer.

LED displays might require a more substantial initial investment, but they are very durable solutions – LEDs can last for up to 50,000 hours without dimming or fading, which means that you will be able to use your boards for displaying crystal clear, sharp images for years.